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 Chaplaincy Certificate

Title: Chaplaincy Course - 127 hours

When: Coming Soon


Course Fee: $500.00


Who should attend:

The program is a one-hundred twenty- seven (127) hour course designed for individuals who desire to serve law enforcement, corrections, business, or health care as a volunteer chaplain. The courses will include, but not limited to the following areas:

                                      * The role of the chaplain

                                      * Basic Principles In Counseling

                                      * Basic Religious Beliefs

                                      * Ministering to the Bereaved

                                      * Introduction to Community Resources

                                      * Case Study Review, etc.

All students  must complete one - hundred (100) of Clinical Pastoral Training (CPT) under the supervision of a Clinical Field Supervisor in a local health facility approved by the Institute. 


Program Completion: 

Upon program of the 27 hours of class courses and the 100 hours of CPT, the student will graduate with a certificate in chaplaincy.


Enrollment In Chaplaincy Program: 

                                Individuals seeking enrollment in the Program must:

                                      * Complete an application for admission

                                      * Submit a resume

                                      * Submit a belief statement of their faith

                                      * Submit a letter of recommendation from their Pastor

                                      * Submit two letters of references (No Relatives)

If interested in the Chaplaincy Certificate, please fill out the contact form

and a representative will contact you in a quickly manner.

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